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Serving the Ann Arbor area since 2001

Organic Land Care

Good for people, pets, & planet!

Organic Landscape Gardening Services




Our Mission at Nature and Nurture is to create environmentally sustainable landscapes that enrich the quality of life of our community. We provide quality work, exemplary customer service, and a healthy work environment. Through education, we seek to encourage the use of organic gardening practices. By maintaining an edible plant nursery, cultivating shiitake mushrooms, and growing seeds on our certified organic farm we aim to promote the consumption of locally grown food. 


I am pleased to share my very happy experience with Nature and Nurture. They created a rain garden in my back yard in 2015 that was wonderful from the beginning and has only increased in providing seasonal pleasures since. I have not had any problems with the design or the plantings. I have added a lot, but never would have been able to start and prepare the garden without their guidance and hard work. Erica suggested the plants and the source and she and her crew did the work in a timely fashion. They cleaned up and they left me with answers to questions I had not even thought about!

Judith H.

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