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Organic Landscape Maintenance

Image showcasing our organic landscape maintenance services for Ann Arbor and Washtenaw County, specifically maintaining flower beds, small trees and shrubs, native plantings, rain gardens, edible landscapes, vegetable gardens, lawn alternatives, and more!
This image represents our organic landscape consultation service in Ann Arbor. Our experienced consultants provide tailored advice and recommendations to help you create and maintain environmentally friendly landscapes that enhance the beauty and sustainability of your outdoor spaces.

We maintain flower beds, small trees & shrubs, native plantings, rain gardens, edible landscapes, vegetable gardens, lawn alternatives and more!

Depending on your garden's needs, our monthly service may include weeding, pruning, mulching, applying compost, invasive species removal and cleanup using organic methods to keep your landscape looking good and chemical free all season long.

Essential Landscape Maintenance Services

Weed Management & Invasive Weed Control

We use only organic, non-chemical weed control methods for your garden including hand removal, mulching, and sheet mulching.


We mulch with natural hardwood or cedar mulch to provide weed control, moisture retention and to add a finished touch to your garden beds. Mulch also adds natural organic matter to the soil, increasing soil fertility and health over time.

Pruning &

From shrubs, vines & small trees to fruit tree care we provide expert pruning as well as removal of weedy woody plants like Buckthorn & Honeysuckle. 


Sweeping, removal of debris, and other tidying as needed to keep your landscape looking good!

Landscaping Services

Hardscape Weed Treatment

For this service we use an organic soap spray to control weeds in driveways, walkways, patios, gravel areas, and open mulched areas. This treatment kills annual broadleaf weeds and top-kills perennial weeds. Repeated treatments keep treated areas looking good all season long. 

Only available as part of a lawn care package.

Garden Fertilization

Our balanced Garden Fertilizer blend will support your fruits, vegetables, annuals and perennials throughout the growing season, while increasing the long term soil quality of your garden. Only available as part of a lawn care package.

Natural Tick & Mosquito Treatment

Cedar oil spray deters ticks and mosquitos for days to weeks after treatment. This service is perfect for anyone who likes to spend time outside on a summer evening…. Which is just about everyone!!!  Cedar oil smells good too!

Only available as a part of a lawn care or insect deterrent package.        

Clean up

Has your landscape gotten out of control? Our landscape cleanup will get you on track to enjoying your outdoor space again.

Nature & Nurture has been taking care of our yard for over 15 years. They do a fantastic job, planting native plants that look great and thrive with little care. They've built us a sandbox and herb garden, and planted various edible wild plants. They listen well to what I want, and have great ideas. Highly recommended!

Karen S.

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