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Fruit Nursery

                                   We are not a mail order nursery. Plants are not shipped! 

We stock many of the plants below in our nursery.  If you don't see what you are looking for please let us know so we can try to special order it for you.  We continually strive to expand our knowledge of fruit that is suitable for growing in SE Michigan and want to find your unusual fruit request.

                  Discount available on bulk special orders. Please call or email for prices.


To order or for more information, call us at 734-929-0802 or email info at

Fruit Catalog

This is a rough catalog of what we have available this year. Actual prices may vary based on size of plant and availability.

Apple                           Paw Paw                            Peach                              Sour Cherry                               

Pear                              Persimmon                       Apricot                            Sweet Cherry                            

Raspberry                    Black Currant                    Grape

Strawberry                   Red Currant                      Dwarf Serviceberry

Kiwi                              Gooseberry

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